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The ASM "Simple Good" Photo Safari Program

This summer, Shine On, Chicago will be partnering with The Simple Good to teach CPS high school students how to document Chicago neighborhoods and help find the Simple Good in those neighborhoods with their cameras.

The program is designed to teach students while giving them the tools and the knowledge to discover the "Simple Good" in Chicago and the many diverse communities that will be represented in the final class Photo Show at The Besse Coleman Library. Special thanks to the folks at Teen Services at CPL for helping us get the space for our program!
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A Photo Safari that Focuses on "The Good"

This 6-week Summer Program gives teens hands-on photographic experience.

A co-instructor for the program is Priya Shah, Director and Founder of The Simple Good, and her mission is to connect the meaning of good from around the world to empower at-risk youth to become positive activists through art and discussion.

During this 6-week production class, teens will receive training in not only cameras and computers, but also be immersed in a self-exploration curriculum which allows students to discover the good within themselves and their own communities.

Teens use this understanding to help them capture their ideas and impressions of 'the simple good' from diverse Chicago neighborhoods, and to bring awareness of the positivity that surrounds them!
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