Mobile Production Classroom

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Serving Teens in Underserved Neighborhoods —

Using the Shine On Mobile Production Classroom!

Shine On, Chicago! is a 501-C3 organization that features a mobile production classroom to teach teens the basics of video production and photography.

In addition to learning the basics of photography and video production, teens learn about different careers in marketing and communication.
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Throughout the year, we offer after school and summer Photo Safaris programs which give teens the opportunity to explore Chicago's great museums and local neighborhoods.
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Our museum Photo Safaris include meetings with marketing professionals, so teens can hear about career opportunities, and what skills and talents they need for specific marketing careers.
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What's Going On with Shine On, Chicago!

Shine On, Chicago! had a very productive summer in 2021, with our partners, The Chicago Public Library/YOUmedia and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events DCASE.

We worked with 14 teens who learned the basics of DSLR photography through hands-on training and weekly Photo Safaris to Chicago neighborhoods and museums.
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This fall, Shine On, Chicago! worked with CPS/CTE students to help them develop their Digital Media Portfolios to help them either get jobs in their chosen careers or advanced educational degrees. It's called The PEP Challenge, and this pilot program is scheduled to run throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

During the 1st 8-week Pilot for The PEP Challenge, Shine On Chicago Digital Media CTE students worked with The Anti-Cruelty Society to develop teen-focused marketing campaigns to encourage teens and young adults to be life-long community advocates on behalf of all animals.
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Below is the video we created showing our Photo Safari destinations and some of the photos the teens took capturing beauty in neighborhoods across Chicago!
Below are two Tic-Tok videos in the series, "Pet FACTS by TACS", that have student VoiceOvers talking on behalf of pets to encourage "Best Pet Practices" by teens and young adults.
——————————————Our Community Partners———————————-
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