Digital Media Training for Teens

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Teaching Chicago Teens Photo/Video Skills -

So They Can Get Jobs in Digital Media!

Shine On, Chicago! is a 501-C3 organization that features a mobile production classroom to teach teens the basics of photography and video production.

In addition to learning the basics of photography and video production, teens learn about different careers in marketing and communication.
Throughout the year, we offer after school and summer Photo Programs which give teens the opportunity to explore Chicago's great museums and local neighborhoods.
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Our museum Photo Safaris include meetings with marketing professionals, so teens can hear about career opportunities, and what skills and talents they need for specific marketing careers.
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Teens Travel Safely on The Shine On Coach!

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Current Teen Programs happening with Shine On, Chicago!

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Shine On, Chicago! became an Approved Vendor for The Chicago Public Schools in 2020, and is actively developing programs to help CTE Juniors and Seniors gain the skills necessary to gets jobs or advanced degrees in Digital Media and Television Broadcasting.

Last summer, Shine On Chicago! worked with 16 CTE Digital Media Juniors & Seniors to improve their DSLR Photography Skills by capturing beauty in Chicago Neighborhoods and Museums.
Here's what the Mayor's Office wrote back after accepting our Teen Gift:

"We would be honored to display, “On 16, at 16, by 16” it in a prominent location within the Mayor’s office where it can be appreciated by our residents and visitors alike. This collage serves as a reminder of the incredible talent and dedication of our youth, and it aligns perfectly with Mayor Johnson's vision for our city's future.

"We want to extend our gratitude to the Shine On, Chicago Youth Summer Program for their dedication to empowering our youth through the arts. This collaboration reinforces our belief in the potential of our city's young artists and showcases their creativity to a broader audience."
In addition to exploring different Chicago Neighborhoods and Museums, the Shine On Teens helped create a large Photo Collage called "On 16, at 16, by 16" of The Bean and Michigan Ave.

The Photo Collage was initially hung at The Learning Lab at The Chicago Cultural Center — and then was offered as a gift to Mayor Johnson and his administration. They accepted and now "On 16, at 16, by 16" hangs proudly in the Mayor's Offices at City Hall and helps showcase Teen Creativity and Teen Voice for The City of Chicago!
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In 2023, Shine On Chicago! and the Shine On Teen Photographers were approved by the Mayor's Youth Commission to be the "Official Teen Photographers" of The Mayor's Youth Commission.

Since then, Shine On Photo Teens have attended MYC Monthly Meetings and helped document the ideas, activities and events that the Mayor's Youth Commissioners implement during the year.
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In our role as "Official Teen Photographers" of the MYC, we provide:

— Professional quality Portrait Photography for the MYC "New Ideas" booklet, as well as candids of the Youth Commissioners in action.

— Photo documentation to capture the activities of the MYC, including the Spring Break Teen Bash at Navy Pier and at citywide Neighborhood Kickback Events.
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——————————————Our Community Partners———————————-
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