Mobile Production Classroom

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Serving Teens in Underserved Neighborhoods —

Using the Shine On Mobile Production Classroom!

Shine On, Chicago! is a 501-C3 organization that features a mobile production classroom to teach teens the basics of video production and photography.

In addition to learning the basics of photography and video production, teens learn about different careers in marketing and communication.
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Throughout the year, we offer after school and summer Photo Safaris programs which give teens the opportunity to explore Chicago's great museums and local neighborhoods.
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Our museum Photo Safaris include meetings with marketing professionals, so teens can hear about their jobs, and what skills and talents they use on a daily basis.
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What's Happening with Shine On, Chicago!

Shine On Chicago is proud to be part of our new mayor's summer initiative, "My Chi. My Future".

This summer we'll be teaching teens the basics of DSLR photography while helping them capture the natural beauty in the Austin and Back of the Yards neighborhoods!
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A special thanks to Ian Bunting — a 1st year tight end playing for the Indianapolis Colts — who picked Shine On, Chicago as his favorite charity for the Colts' Charity Donation Day.

We truly appreciate Ian's support and his commitment to helping underserved teens!
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Shine On, Chicago! is gearing up for a very productive summer in 2020.

Like last summer, we'll be working with several Chicago museums and neighborhood libraries to bring the joy of photography and picture-taking to teens who otherwise might not get a chance.
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"Good Cop, Good Teen" Short Video Series
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Spring Break Photo Safari - Teen Video
"Tips for a Sustainable Planet" Short Video Series
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