Digital Media Training for Teens

Shine On Teen Photos from the CPAG Documentation Project:

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2019 Summer Photo Safari Program
This summer, Shine On, Chicago will be partnering with CPAG or The Chicago Public Arts Group in cooperation with The Chicago Public Library, The Lincoln Park Zoo, and The Art Institute to give CTE "Digital Design" Track Teens the opportunity to get real-world experience by helping document the over 300 Public Arts Murals and Sculptures that reside in different Chicago neighborhoods.
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During the 6-week summer program, we will conduct three 2-week residencies at The Lincoln Park Zoo & Conservatory, The Wicker Park/Bucktown Branch of The Chicago Public Library and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Teens will conduct weekly Photo Safaris to different neighborhoods and document Public Arts projects that have been created by CPAG.
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Shine On Chicago is proud to be working with The Wicker Park Branch of WinTrust Community Bank to feature the teens' Photo Safari photographs in the bank's lobby and conference room during September and October in their Lobby and Conference Room.
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