Digital Media Training for Teens

The "Good Cop, Good Teen" Program

Shine On, Chicago is proud to be partnering with The Chicago Police Department to spotlight off-duty police officers who mentor teens in high-risk neighborhoods.
We start by training teens to use professional video cameras and editing equipment, and teaching them the process of becoming teen journalist by emphasizing interview skills. As they gain experience, teens are encouraged to interview off-duty police officers and the teens they mentor, and create 2 minute videos that can be shown on local Chicago TV stations.
The program is designed to change attitudes among Chicago communities and police officers who serve those citizens.
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Telling Positive Stories of Police Mentorship

"Good Cop, Good Teen" is an attempt to change perceptions between the police and the Chicago communities they serve.
By having teens conduct the "Good Cop, Good Teen" interviews with both officers and mentored teens, we hope to get a more honest and optimistic viewpoint of the interactions between police and the citizens they serve.
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