Digital Media Training for Teens

The PEP Challenge for CTE Digital Media

As a Chicago Public School Vendor, Shine On Chicago helped develop The PEP Challenge as a 2021-2022 Pilot Program for CTE Digital Media juniors and seniors. "PEP" stands for Portfolio Enhancement Program and is designed to help graduating Digital Media students get entry-level jobs or advance educational opportunities using their newly-minted CTE Digital Media Portfolios.

With 43 Digital Media students part of the Spring PEP Program, Shine On Chicago created a hybrid in-school/out-of-school program that started with classes and assignments during the school day, and ended with a paid opportunity during Winter and Spring Breaks. During the breaks, students met at The Chicago Cultural Center's Learning Lab and worked on their portfolios and campaign elements.

This way, students could enhance their portfolios by working on "real-world" marketing campaigns for top Chicago non-profit organizations — and at the same time, they were getting paid to learn the marketing process.

Below are some of the videos, print materials and portfolio pages they created during The PEP Challenge Program —
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Student Portfolio Cover Designs:
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Spring 2022 PEP Challenge with The Mayor's Office & DCASE
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Fall 2022 PEP Challenge with The Anti-Cruelty Society
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